Tecnology News How to Restore Instagram Account (Forgot Password)

[Solved] How to Restore Instagram Account (Forgot Password)

KingdomTaurusNews.com – There are several ways to restore an Instagram account that forgot the password when logging in.

Usually, Instagram users forget their passwords, because they never re-login to accounts or never save Instagram passwords.

Instagram has a page for recovering Instagram accounts, whose passwords are forgotten until they are hacked as follows.

  1. Visit https://www.instagram.com/hacked/
  2. Select menu ‘I forgot my password’ – ‘Next’
  3. Enter your email, username or mobile number
  4. Click “Send Login Link”
  5. Follow the instructions on the Instagram account recovery page
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You can also see Instagram passwords that may be stored in the Chrome browser, when logging in through the browser.

Open Chrome – click the three dots on the top right – Settings – Password Manager – Search for your Instagram password with the keyword “Instagram”.

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