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Tecnology NewsZippyshare.com Closed in 2023, Why?

Zippyshare.com Closed in 2023, Why?

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Zippyshare is a popular free file hosting service, for storing your files such as videos or documents.

Zippyshare has been released since 2006, after 17 years of operation this file hosting service announced the closure of their services through their website in March 2023.

There are several reasons why Zippyshare was closed.

Why is Zippyshare closed?

Fewer visitors to Zippyshare, this is because there is a new file hosting that offers various features and benefits for users.

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The problem with the ADblocker that the user is using, which is usually available in the browser or as an add-on, and in the form of a DNS service.

This adblocker will certainly block all ads on the Zippyshare service, this problem is also experienced by web managers who depend on advertisements around the world.

Plus, the increase in the price of electricity has increased 2.5 times, with the number of servers they manage is very large, of course, giving an increase in costs.

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