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Tecnology NewsHow to Fix Unable to Login on Instagram Web, PC, Laptop

How to Fix Unable to Login on Instagram Web, PC, Laptop [2023]

KingdomTaurusNews.com – In addition to logging in to Instagram through the Android or iOS version of the application, users can log in to Instagram on the web or PC / Laptop.

It’s just that some users complain about the problem of not being able to log in to their Instagram account via the web or PC/laptop.

Of course, there are several reasons for not being able to log in to Instagram, such as you are experiencing a security check, to other serious problems.

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To fix can’t log in to Instagram web or on a PC / laptop, follow the method below.

1. Make sure the Instagram address is correct

Make sure to visit Instagram’s original domain (https://www.instagram.com), and also make sure you don’t log in to a fake (phishing) address.

2. Correct username and password

Instagram users are free to create unique usernames and passwords, you need to make sure the username and password are entered correctly.

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3. Turn off VPNs

Instagram will check every time you log in to a new device, including via a new IP, using a VPN, of course, your internet address will be different. Turning off the VPN can overcome Instagram’s security checks.

4. Make sure the Account is not suspended/banned

Suspended or blocked Instagram account issues can happen. You can log in with the username and password used, then follow account recovery through the official Instagram website.

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These are the steps to fix you can’t log in to Instagram web or on a PC / laptop.

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