How to Check Instagram Reels Trends: Audio and Viral Hashtags 2023 – Instagram has just released the Reels Trends feature to users, who can see viral or trending Audio Reels along with popular hashtags.

The Reels Trends feature is very useful for helping Instagram creators, creating content with audio that is currently popular and hashtags.

Reels Trends will be available to more regions in the future, here’s how to use the Instagram reels trends feature.

How to Check Instagram Reels Trends

  1. Change Instagram account to professional from personal via Settings
  2. On the Instagram Profile page
  3. Click Professional Dashboard
    Instagram Reels Trends
    Instagram Reels Trends
  4. On Tips and resources
  5. Click Reels Trends
  6. Select Audio and Hashtags
  7. Tap the Use Audio button

You can also take advantage of the updated Instagram video editing menu, the update will come gradually to users.

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