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Tecnology NewsHow to Save Battery When Playing Games on Android & iPhone

How to Save Battery When Playing Games on Android & iPhone

KingdomTaurusNews.com – When you play mobile games such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Call of duty mobile, PUBG Mobile, of course there are several ways to save battery while playing games.

Battery usage when playing games is certainly higher than when you just scroll on social media. The battery also affects when playing games, the longer the battery lasts your game certainly won’t be interrupted.

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There are several ways to save battery when playing mobile games on Android, as follows.

Using Low game settings

When playing games you can change game graphics settings, this will of course affect battery usage when playing games.

Don’t play when the phone is too hot

Avoid when the phone overheats, the back panel of the phone will feel warmer or this heat will affect the phone’s battery performance.

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Charge the battery up to 100%

Prevent playing games while charging the battery and can cause heat, it’s better to charge the battery first to 100% before playing games.

Check battery health

You can use the default cellphone application to check if the cellphone battery needs to be replaced. Especially if the use of the battery when normal conditions the battery runs out faster.

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That’s how to save battery that you can do when playing games.

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