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Tokyo-1 Japan’s First Generative AI Supercomputer for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – NVIDIA and Mitsui collaborate on Tokyo-1, which was announced at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference.

Project Tokyo-1 features the NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputer that will be accessible to Japanese pharmaceutical companies and startups.

The project will provide customers with access to NVIDIA DGX H100 nodes that support molecular dynamics simulations, large language model training, quantum chemistry, generative AI models that create new molecular structures for potential drugs, and more.

Tokyo-1 users can also take advantage of the large language model for chemical, protein, DNA, and RNA data formats via NVIDIA BioNeMo drug discovery software and service.

Using NVIDIA BioNeMo software on the Tokyo-1 supercomputer, researchers will be able to scale advanced AI models by millions and billions of parameters for applications including protein structure prediction, small molecule generation, and pose prediction estimation.


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