How to Use Microsoft Designer and Access with AI – If you are a content creator or designer, you definitely need to give Microsoft Designer a try.

Microsoft Designer is a web application for creating visuals and graphics that uses AI, this application can generate images and designs to help you create unique content.

Microsoft Designer can be accessed using a Microsoft account and is available on Mac and PC and will be available on the mobile version soon. Here’s how to access and use Microsoft Designer.

How to Use Microsoft Designer

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email and Join the Waitlist
  3. You will get an email notification, to access Microsoft Designer
  4. Visit again
  5. In the Describe column, type the design that will be made
  6. Click the Generate button
    Microsoft Designer
    Microsoft Designer
  7. You can also use the AI-generate image menu
  8. And can choose the size
  9. Costume Design and Download
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After that, you can make an attractive design according to your wishes.

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