How to Reset UpTime in Windows 10 to Zero

HomeTecnology NewsHow to Reset UpTime in Windows 10 to Zero – UpTime on Windows 10 systems, can be used to see how long the system has been running since startup.

UpTime on Windows will display the time, if you see UpTime on a device that has been used for tens of hours, of course it can be reset to zero.

Here’s how to reset UpTime in Windows 10.

How to Reset UpTime in Windows 10

  1. CTRL + S – Find Control panel.
  2. Select Hardware and Sound – Power Options.
  3. Select “Choose what the power button does”.
  4. Click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” section
  5. Turn it off, Turn on fast startup.
    reset uptime Windows
    reset uptime Windows
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Restart PC.
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You can see UpTime again in Windows, in the Task Manager section (CTRL+S – search for Task Manager – Click the Performance tab – CPU).

Once the UpTime is zero, turn on the “Turn on fast startup” section again and Save.

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