How to Make Automatic Reply & FAQs on Instagram – Those who manage a business on an Instagram account can create automatic message replies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for customers.

Automatic replies to messages on Instagram are very useful for responding to your customers and not losing customers because it is considered an unprofessional account.

The development of Instagram to support business is very influential. As a photo and video-sharing application, Instagram also has active and creative creators.

To make automatic reply on Instagram and faqs, follow the method below.

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Click the Profile menu – click the three lines at the top right
  3. Select Settings – Accounts
  4. Scroll down, click switch to professional account
  5. Click Continue
    Instagram FAQ & Wellcome Messages / auto reply
    Instagram FAQ & Wellcome Messages / auto reply
  6. After changing to Professional Account
  7. On the Settings page
  8. Click Creators
  9. In Wellcome Messages, manage the message
  10. In Frequently asked questions, add questions and answers
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That’s how to make automatic message replies on Instagram, so it’s professional.

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