Nokia Shows Off New Logo in 2023 – Nokia showed off a new logo, which looks cooler than before. The new Nokia logo represents a vibrant, dynamic and modern Nokia, which represents its values and purpose.

Nokia announced at MWC Barcelona 2023 a revamped corporate and technology strategy, as well as unveiled a revamped brand, as part of its long-term strategic transformation.

Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia, said “We see the potential for digital to transform business, industry and society with opportunities for significant gains in productivity, sustainability and accessibility.”

Nokia’s corporate strategy across six pillars:

  • Grow market share with service providers, driven by continued technology leadership;
  • Expand the share of Enterprises within its customer mix;
  • Continue to manage its portfolio actively, to ensure a path to a leading position in all segments where it decides to compete;
  • Seize opportunities from sectors beyond mobile devices to monetize Nokia’s IP and continue to invest in R&D for Nokia Technologies;
  • Implement new business models, such as as-a-Service; and
  • Develop ESG into a competitive advantage and become the “trusted provider of choice” in the industry.
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To realize these pillars, Nokia has four main supporters: developing talent fit for the future; invest in long-term research, especially in key domains like 6G; digitizing its own operations to further increase agility and productivity; and refresh the brand.

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