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Tecnology NewsHow to See Google Maps Satellite Different Years

How to See Google Maps Satellite Different Years

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Google Maps is becoming a digital map, which is often used to find locations or guides when traveling.

Google Maps also saves various locations in the world, including the latest location or old location from year to year which can be used to compare the progress of the location you are looking for.

To see Google Maps for different years in the latest Google Maps, follow the method below.

  1. Go to Google Maps at google.com/maps/
  2. Find the location you want
  3. On the Layers menu, click More
    Google Maps
    Google Maps
  4. Set it to Street View and Satellite
  5. Click X
  6. Click on the blue striped road on the map
  7. On the menu above, select See More Dates

    Google Maps
    Google Maps
  8. Choose one of the date locations below
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Not all locations, can see Google Maps from year to year, you can search on urban Maps.

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