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Zenly Alternative App, to Track Family, Friends and Partners

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – The closed Zenly app became one of the best apps for tracking family, friends or partners. You can keep an eye on them online and easily.

What is the function of the Zenly app?

The Zenly application is an application that functions to monitor or track the location of your friends, spouse or family.

Why is Zenly shutting down?

The cause of the Zenly application was closed from various information obtained, due to unstable global economic factors which resulted in the company behind Zenly not being able to survive.

Zenly Alternative App

Life360 – Family Tracker

You can download and join life360 via the app store on your phone.


WhatsApp has a multiple location feature, you can share your location with your chatting friends in real time.


Google Maps

This Google Maps application can also be used to share your location with your partner and family.

google maps
google maps

Make sure the location features on your device, and use a stable internet connection. Let them know if you are in an area with poor signal coverage to keep you safe.

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