Bank Indonesia: What is QRIS and How to Read QRIS

HomeTecnology NewsBank Indonesia: What is QRIS and How to Read QRIS – QRIS is a payment method that is widely used when you buy or pay for products and services.

What is QRIS

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or QRIS is a unification of various types of QR from various Payment System Service Providers (PJSP) using a QR Code.

How to Read QRIS

QRIS, which is read as KRIS, was developed by the payment system industry together with Bank Indonesia so that the transaction process using the QR Code is easier, faster, and the security is maintained.

As a Merchant, if you don’t have an account yet, open it first by coming to a branch office or registering online at one of the QRIS organizing PJSPs listed here (​.

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Benefits of QRIS

For payment application users:

  • Fast and up to date.
  • No need to bother carrying cash anymore.
  • No need to worry about whose QR is installed.
  • Protected because all QRIS implementing PJSPs definitely have licenses and are supervised by Bank Indonesia.

For Merchants:

  • Sales have the potential to increase because it can accept any QR-based payments.
  • Improve branding.
  • contemporary.
  • More practical because it only uses one QRIS.
  • Reduce cash management costs.
  • Avoid counterfeit money.
  • No need to provide change.
  • Transactions are recorded automatically and can be viewed at any time.
  • Separate money for business and personal.
  • Facilitates reconciliation and has the potential to prevent fraudulent acts from accounting for cash transactions.
  • Building credit profile information to make it easier to obtain credit in the future
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