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Tecnology NewsHow to Make CapCut Videos Not Blurry and Uncompressed

How to Make CapCut Videos Not Blurry and Uncompressed

KingdomTaurusNews.com – The CapCut video editing application is very useful to support creators, to produce attractive videos with easy-to-use features.

It’s just that users also need to know how to use the features in the CapCut application if they have never been a video editor. To overcome so that the video on CapCut is not blurry, follow the method below.

How to make CapCut videos not blurry

  1. Open the CapCut application
  2. On the video being edited
  3. Click the 720P icon
  4. Slide the round icon to 1080P for Resolution
  5. At a Frame Rate of 25
    capcut resolution 720p - 1080p
    capcut resolution 720p – 1080p
  6. Click the Download icon at the top right
  7. Wait for the video process to be rendered

The greater the resolution of this video, the clearer and larger the video size will be. This is how to prevent CapCut videos from breaking when editing videos.

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