How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi MIUI Phones with This Feature – Hiding applications on Xiaomi phones is important, if you have applications that are privacy and for the security of your data.

The operating system on the MIUI 12 or MIUI 13 smartphone has a feature that can hide applications on Xiaomi without the need to download additional applications available on the PlayStore.

In addition to hiding Xiaomi applications more easily, you can save space on your smartphone to avoid excessive application installation.

Here’s how to hide applications on Xiaomi cell phones.

How to Hide Applications on Xiaomi HP

  1. On the Xiaomi cellphone Home screen
  2. Open the Security app
  3. Scroll down on the “Tools” menu
    Xiaomi Hide Apps - sembunyikan aplikasi
    Xiaomi Hide Apps – sembunyikan aplikasi
  4. Click the “Hidden Apps” menu
  5. Click the on/off button next to the application to hide the Xiaomi application

To bring back hidden Xiaomi applications, you can disable this feature.

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