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KingdomTaurusNews.com – The difference between Smart TV vs Android TV. The development of television is not only on screens that are now clearer and sharper, you can also choose the technology that is embedded into television to use.

You must have used a television that can only display video and audio, with a blurry to clear picture, and now the latest technologies are added.

One of them is on TV, namely Smart TV or Android TV. What’s the difference between Smart TV or Android TV?

Smart TV is a television that is not only used to watch TV but can also watch YouTube, applications, and more. Smart TVs have internet connectivity, run on an operating system, and are equipped with their own application services.

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Android TV is a television that uses the Android-based operating system from Google and the features provided by Google.

The difference between Smart TV and Android TV

1.OS Operating System

Smart TV uses an operating system that comes from its brand. For example, LG uses the WebOS OS, and Samsung Smart TV uses an OS called Tizen.

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Android TV comes with the Android operating system developed by Google.

2. Application Support

Android TV supports many applications including Play Store support, from YouTube, Netflix and others.

Smart TV only has a few popular built-in applications. Added app updates on Smart TVs are hard to come by, so some apps may not be supported.

3. Updates

Android TV usually brings updates regularly. When use is connected to the internet, you can also enjoy automatic updates.

Meanwhile, Smart TVs, on the other hand, don’t get updates very often, depending on the brand used.

4. Different Navigation

Smart TV is said to have a simple and user-friendly interface to work with.

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Android TV can be difficult to navigate, especially for users not familiar with Google’s Android ecosystem.

Those are the differences between Smart TV and Android TV, before you buy it.

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