How to Fix Smartphone Camera Cannot be Used and Opened

HomeTecnology NewsHow to Fix Smartphone Camera Cannot be Used and Opened – A smartphone camera that cannot be used and opened, can happen on your cellphone which is used daily.

There are several reasons why applications that come with the system cannot be opened and used as they should. To fix the smartphone camera problem that can’t be used, you can follow the method below.

Clear cache and data

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Application
  • Click the Camera app
  • On Storage
  • Clear cache and data
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Perform device updates

  • Go to Settings
  • On the Update menu
  • Check for the latest updates for your operating system
  • Make sure you have enough battery

After clearing cache and data and updating, you can reset camera settings.

Reset Camera Settings

  • Open the camera application
  • Click the cog icon
  • At the bottom of the menu there is usually a reset Settings menu
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Use the Camera App

  • Open the PlayStore or application store on the cellphone
  • Download one of the popular camera apps

You can use the camera application available in the application store, as an alternative if the default camera application cannot be used.

If your cellphone experiences a collision, you can check it at an official service center according to the brand used.

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