How to Use WhatsApp Beta on Android and iOS iPhone – WhatsApp Beta is the version of the application most frequently searched for, so you can try various features that WhatsApp will release to users in general.

What is WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta is a development version of WhatsApp which has features and improvements made by WhatsApp, before they became available to general users.


Here’s how to use WhatsApp Beta version.

How to Use WhatsApp Beta

  • Go to Google PlayStore
  • Type WhatsApp then open the application page
  • Under the Open/Update button a Beta Program will be available
  • Click Join if the Beta program is still available
    whatsapp beta android
    whatsapp beta android
    • For iOS iPhone users visit (
    • For Android users visit (

If the WhatsApp Beta Program is full, you need to wait and check periodically if the Beta version is available later.

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