Differences between HDD vs SSD on Laptops, Best?

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – There are HDD and SSD which both have advantages to use, and have differences between HDD (traditional hard drive) and SSD (solid state drive).

HDDs are slower and less durable than SSDs. However, when used as secondary storage, HDDs can provide several terabytes of additional space for storage.

SSD (Solid state drive)

SSDs usually use flash-based memory to store data. SSDs have higher read/write speeds than HDDs, shorter access times (lower latency), and higher storage costs per gigabyte.

HDD (Hard disk drive)

HDDs use rotating magnetic media to store data, which is accessed by read/write heads on an actuator arm (much like a record player).

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It has lower read/write speeds, higher access times, and lower storage costs per gigabyte compared to SSDs.

SSD has two different connection formats namely SATA III and NVMe.

  • SATA III (Serial ATA) is a cable that works with the SATA protocol to connect many older SSDs and HDDs to PC motherboards.
  • NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a direct connection to motherboard PCIe lanes, which provides higher throughput and lower latency.
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One of the downsides of using an HDD is speed, Intel Optane Memory provides a solution. M10 Series 16-64GB Intel Optane Memory Modules run in the background to learn your most used apps and files, make them easy to access quickly, and remember them even after you turn off your PC.

source, Intel.

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