The ‘Heating’ TikTok Button Can Make Videos Go Viral, Is It Fair? – TikTok is one of the most popular social media in various parts of the world, you know ‘For Your Page’ to find videos recommended for you.

In addition to using an algorithm for videos that go viral on TikTok, Forbes explains that staff at TikTok secretly select certain videos to make them viral, known as “Heating”.

An internal TikTok document titled MINT Heating Playbook explains. “Video views of ‘heated’ videos make up a large part of total daily video views, around 1-2%.”

According to a report published by Forbes, that TikTok often uses heating to woo influencers and brands, persuading them to enter into partnerships by increasing the number of views of their videos.

Employees also abuse the Heating privilege, as employees have been known to “heat” their own or partner’s accounts, as well as the accounts of those with whom they have a personal relationship and receive more than three million views.

Recently on your TikTok homepage, many official TikTok accounts have advised users to start using the promotional features on TikTok. This feature really makes your videos get an increase in the number of views, likes and followers.

But is the privilege exercised by TikTok employees fair to TikTok creators?

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