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How to Fix Google Play Payment Declined and Unsuccessful

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – Google Play payments are rejected using Balance or Credit, of course there is a reason.

Android users can buy premium or pro features of an application, by way of a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can use various payment methods such as ATM, Credit, Balance and so on.

Declined Google Play payments often occur, here’s how to deal with rejected Google Play payments.

Ensure Sufficient Credit

If you use credit for payments on Google Play, you must have enough credit and keep in mind that users will receive taxes and fees from the mobile operator you use.

Use another Payment Method

Google Play supports various payment methods such as via credit card, credit, Google Play balance, and so on. You can use one of the available payment methods.

Clear Cache

You can clear cache on Google Play, by opening Settings – Applications – search for Google Play Store – on storage select clear cache.

Before making payments on Google Play, make sure you have enough money or credit before buying a feature in an Android application.

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