OPPO Prepares New Smartphones (OPPO CPH2481 and OPPO CPH2483)

KingdomTaurusNews.com – In early 2023, OPPO is preparing a new device in the first quarter of 2023. New device model numbers appear through the Postel and P3DN certification sites of the Ministry of Industry, with the codes OPPO CPH2481 and OPPO CPH2483.

It is estimated that these two device codes are a series line for OPPO’s new smartphone device. The device has been registered on the Postel certification site with certificate number 86271/SDPPI/2022.

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This new device is registered with the OPPO model CPH2481. Meanwhile, on the Ministry of Industry website, the same device has been certified since October 5, 2022 and obtained a TKDN value of 35.79%.

From the Ministry of Industry’s P3DN website, it can be seen that the OPPO code CPH2481 device will carry a 4G network. It is estimated that the device will be the successor to the Reno8 series that was introduced last year.

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OPPO CPH2481 di P3DN Kemenperin
OPPO CPH2481 di P3DN Kemenperin

Unfortunately, until now there has been no definite information on the selling name of this OPPO CPH2481 device for the Indonesian market.

Apart from the OPPO CPH2481 device, the two government sites also recorded devices with almost the same code as OPPO CPH2483.

The difference is, when traced through the P3DN website, this device carries 5G network technology. With almost the same code, it is estimated that OPPO will introduce these two devices as a new line of smartphone series in Indonesia.

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