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Tecnology NewsYoutube Shorts Monetization Requirements 2023 To Get Money

Youtube Shorts Monetization Requirements 2023 To Get Money

KingdomTaurusNews.com – You can Monetize YouTube Shorts starting February 1, 2023, as a profit-sharing model that replaces Funding YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Analytics will begin showing estimated daily Feed Shorts ad revenue along with other performance metrics on February 1, 2023 or the day you start monetizing with Shorts ads.

Policy for YouTube Shorts monetization

If you monetize on YouTube, your channel must comply with YouTube’s channel monetization policies, repetitive and reused content, Community Guidelines, YouTube Terms of Service and Copyright and Google AdSense program policies.

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Content suitable for advertising

All content monetized with ads must follow advertiser-friendly content guidelines. On Shorts, only content that meets advertiser-friendly content guidelines is eligible for profit sharing.

Why are YouTube Shorts ineligible?

YouTube will not count Shorts video views if the view does not meet the following requirements, including:

  1. Unoriginal Video Shorts, such as clips from movies or TV shows without editing, re-uploads of other creators’ content from YouTube or other platforms, or compilations without adding original content
  2. Artificial or fake views of Shorts videos, for example from scroll bots or automated clicks
  3. Viewing of Shorts videos that don’t comply with our advertiser-friendly content guidelines
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How ad revenue sharing works for YouTube Shorts

Youtube Shorts Monetization
Youtube Shorts Monetization
  1. Accommodates Feed Shorts Ad revenue
  2. Calculating Creator’s Fund Allocation
  3. Allocating Creator Pools.
  4. Implement profit sharing

To find out more, you can follow this link https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/12504220?hl=en#policies.

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