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How to Change Location in Mobile Legends (ML) with VPN / Fake GPS

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Changing locations in Mobile Legends is often used by MLBB players, to meet players from other countries.

Not all players abroad have a pro or expert Mobile Legends game skills. You can change the location of Mobile Legends by using a VPN application or fake GPS.

Here are 2 ways to change the location of Mobile Legends.

How to Change Location in Mobile Legends with Fake GPS

  1. Download the Fake GPS application
  2. Enable Android Developer mode
  3. Open the fake GPS app and set the fake location
  4. Open the Mobile Legends game
  5. Enter the Leaderboard – Select Adress / Street
  6. Set the location on the top right – Click the gear icon and Mobile Legends will set the new location
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To open developer mode on Android follow the method below.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Android All Brands

How to Change Locations in Mobile Legends with a VPN

  1. Download the VPN application
  2. Choose a new location on the VPN
  3. Open Mobile Legends
  4. If you choose another country, the language in the game will usually adjust
  5. Then open the Mobile Legends game mode to meet new players
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aplikasi vpn android
aplikasi vpn android

Using a VPN in the Mobile Legends game, it can make the game lag. That’s how to change the location in the Mobile Legends game.

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