How to Use a Fake GPS on a Laptop with a Fake Location – Using a fake GPS on a laptop, you can try it for certain purposes with a fake location, on your computer device.

Fake GPS will provide a fake location when accessing a service, without knowing where you are. Of course, there are tools that can let you have a second location and so on on your laptop.

Here’s how to use fake GPS on a laptop.

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Add the Location Guard extension (
  3. Then install the extension for fake GPS on the laptop
  4. Open the Location Guard extension on the top right (puzzle icon)
    fake gps laptop location guard
    fake gps laptop location guard
  5. Click Options – on the Default level: – select Use Fixed Location
  6. Tap the Fixed Location menu
    fake gps laptop location guard
    fake gps laptop location guard
  7. Select your fake location and set a location PIN

Now you can get a new location through the location guard, if you want to use a new location, make sure to delete the location cache via the Options menu – Delete fake location cache.

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