How to Make a TikTok Username Blank – TikTok as a short video-sharing application, has millions of unique TikTok usernames. Including you can make a blank TikTok username like no name.

TikTok itself does not prohibit the use of an empty TikTok username, as if it looks blank when other people access your TikTok account.

You can try this creativity to make a TikTok username without a name or blank.

How to make the TikTok username blank.

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Click the Profile menu at the bottom right
  3. Tap Edit Profile
  4. Click on Name
    username tiktok kosong blank
    username tiktok kosong blank
  5. Visit
  6. Click Generate Blank Text – Copy to clipboard
  7. Paste into TikTok Username – Click Save

After saving, the TikTok name will be blank, you cannot make the username blank because this will be used as your account id.

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