How to Fix WhatsApp Has Stopped to Normal Return – Some WhatsApp users are experiencing the problem Unfortunately Whatsapp Has Stopped, on their Android and iOS devices.

As an application that connects many users, to send messages or calls, problems or errors on WhatsApp can occur.

What causes WhatsApp to keep stopping?

Cause Unfortunately Whatsapp Has Stopped, it can happen when WhatsApp has a bug or your device doesn’t support using WhatsApp.

How to Fix WhatsApp Has Stopped

Clear Cache and Data

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Application
  • Look for the WhatsApp application
  • On Storage
  • Clear cache and data

If WhatsApp keeps stopping, follow the next method.

  • Update the WhatsApp application on the PlayStore / AppStore
  • Make sure to use an OS or operating system that supports it
  • Restart your device

That’s how to deal with WhatsApp keeps stopping.

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