How to Use Templates in CapCut – Using the CapCut template really helps TikTok users / creators, create videos with interesting effects.

The CapCut application offers a variety of templates made by CapCut creators, these templates will support videos that will be uploaded to TikTok without good editing skills.

To use the CapCut application, at least you need sufficient memory space to store application data. The CapCut application can be downloaded for free through the official app store.

To use a template in CapCut, follow the method below.

How to Use CapCut Templates

  1. Open the CapCut application
  2. Click the Templates menu
  3. Choose a template in CapCut
  4. Click Use Templates
    template capcut
    template capcut
  5. Insert photos and videos using templates
    Thumbnail Cover Sampul Video Capcut
    Thumbnail Cover Sampul Video Capcut
  6. Click the Save icon at the top right to save the video

That’s how to use templates in CapCut.

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