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How to Fix Green Video in CapCut PC

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Apart from being available for mobile, CapCut can also be used via a laptop with the CapCut software which can be downloaded for free.

CapCut software, which can be run on a PC/laptop, has various features for video editing. The mobile and PC versions both have the convenience of editing videos.

Recently some users experienced a problem with the CapCut software, which was an error with the appearance of a green color on the CapCut video.

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How to Fix Green Video in CapCut

  1. Update the CapCut software
  2. If the CapCut update is not available
    Software CapCut
    Software CapCut
  3. Open the CapCut software then click Global Settings (gear icon)
  4. Click the Performance menu
  5. Then, disable Encode Settings
    Software CapCut
    Software CapCut
  6. Click Save

After disabling Encode Settings, you can open videos edited in CapCut again.

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