How to Edit Slow Motion Videos on CapCut, Slowmo Makes It Interesting – Editing videos in slow motion or slowmo is one of the editor’s ways to make the resulting videos interesting to watch.

The CapCut application is equipped with various features including making slow-motion videos that slow down the duration of the video easily without the need for software on a PC such as Adobe Premiere.

Here’s how to make slow-motion videos on CapCut.

How to Edit Slow Motion Videos on CapCut

  1. Open the CapCut application.
  2. Click the New project button.
  3. Add videos to the timeline to convert to slow motion.
    slow motion capcut
    slow motion capcut
  4. Click the video in the Timeline, and tap the Speed button.
    slow motion capcut
    slow motion capcut
  5. Click the Normal menu – can also set slow-mo videos up to 100x.
    slow motion capcut
    slow motion capcut
  6. Then click the tick.

You don’t need to Split, because Split is used to cut the video in the CapCut timeline which will be divided into several parts.

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The timeline in CapCut is below the video that you uploaded, there is your video and supporting menus.

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