What is Msgstore file on WhatsApp .crypt14, can it be deleted?

KingdomTaurusNews.com – What is a Msgstore file, you will probably find it in your phone’s storage, and it consists of several files of different sizes. So, what is an Msgstore file? allow the Msgstore file on WhatsApp to be deleted on your device.

What is a Msgstore file on WhatsApp ?

Msgstore on WhatsApp is a backup file that stores the user’s conversation history on WhatsApp, the Msgstore file on WhatsApp is also securely encrypted. The Msgstore file on WhatsApp usually has a file name, “msgstore.db.crypt14” and so on.

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The .CRYPT14 file is a backup file encrypted by the Android version of the WhatsApp application.

Can the WhatsApp Msgstore file be deleted ?

WhatsApp users are advised not to delete the file named “msgstore.db.crypt14”.

Except for files that have a date like “msgstore-2022-12-12.1.db.crypt14” and are past files to delete.

How to delete Msgstore file on WhatsApp

  1. Open your Files app on your phone
  2. Go to the menu “Internal Storage”
  3. Go to folder “Android” – “media” – “com.whatsapp” – “WhatsApp” –

    File Msgstore WhatsApp .crypt14
    File Msgstore WhatsApp .crypt14
  4. You can select the file “msgstore-2022-12-12.1.db.crypt14” to be deleted
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That’s how to delete the WhatsApp Msgstore file, what you can do.

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