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How to Activate the Cash On Delivery Feature at the TikTok Shop (COD)

KingdomTaurusNews.com – The COD (Cash On Delivery) feature in the TikTok Shop can be activated as a TikTok Seller, so that buyers can pay on the spot.

As a seller, you need to have the TikTok Seller application, so you can activate the Cash On Delivery (COD) feature on TikTok. Apart from that, there are other alternative payment methods that have been provided by TikTok as an option.

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Sellers need to set up the COD payment method on TikTok Seller one by one by following the method below.

How to Activate the Cash On Delivery Feature in the TikTok Shop

  1. Open the TikTok Seller application.
  2. Enter the product to be sold by clicking the Add Product menu.
    TikTok Seller
    TikTok Seller
  3. Or through products that have been uploaded.
  4. Complete product photos, product names, prices, and more.
  5. At the bottom, click the Cash On Delivery button so that COD is active.
    tiktok cod Cash On Delivery
    tiktok cod Cash On Delivery
  6. Click Activate.
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That’s how to activate the COD feature in the TikTok Shop, as a payment method on the spot.

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