How to Add Products to TikTok Shop, Add Products to Catalog – Using the TikTok Seller application, you can sell products at the TikTok Shop. The TikTok Seller application can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

TikTok Seller is released for sellers so they can manage TikTok Shop via smartphone, there are various complementary features starting from registration, product management, order management, returns and refunds management, promotions, customer service, data analysis, campaign registration, seller education, and various other features.

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For those of you beginners as a TikTok Seller, here’s how to add products or enter products into the TikTok Shop, so that more products are sold by TikTok users.

How to Add Products to TikTok Shop

  1. Open the TikTok Seller application.
  2. Login/Register with TikTok account.
  3. On the start page, select the Product menu.
    TikTok Seller
    TikTok Seller
  4. Then click ‘Add Product’.
  5. Complete the product description starting with the product name, photo, product description, category, and more.
    TikTok Seller
    TikTok Seller
  6. Then click ‘Activate’.
  7. Wait for the review from the TikTok Seller team.
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The seller will get a notification from the TikTok Seller team that their product is ready for sale.

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