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How to Create Spaces in PUBG Mobile for Nicknames

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – Spaces in PUBG are used by PUBG Mobile players to add spaces to nicknames. The nickname that is used as a player identifier will usually be made more different.

One of them is using a cool name accompanied by symbols and spaces in PUBG to provide a distance or separator in the PUBG Mobile nickname.

Here’s how to make spaces in PUBG Mobile.

To change your nickname in PUBG, make sure you have 200 UC to buy and use a PUBG Mobile Rename Card.

How to Create Spaces in PUBG Mobile

  • Open the PUBG Mobile
  • On the Shop Menu, buy a Rename Card
    rename card pubg mobile
    rename card pubg mobile
  • Use the Rename Card, then a pop-up will appear, and type in a new PUBG nickname
    nickname pubg mobile
    nickname pubg mobile
  • Use one of the symbols below.
  • 「 」, 『 』, ・, 丨, Ė, Ī and Ė

That’s how to make spaces in PUBG Mobile with symbols.

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