– How to enable fast charging on Xiaomi which is problematic, for some MiFans users.

Fast Charging or Turbo Charging technology is one of the superior features of smartphone brands, including Xiaomi, which offers fast charging in a few minutes.

But there are some users who are having problems when they want to enable fast charging mode on their Xiaomi smartphones.

How to Enable Fast Charging on Xiaomi

  1. Make sure the Xiaomi phone supports Fast Charging technology
  2. Use a charger with Fast Charging support according to smartphone specs.
    fast charging xiaomi
    fast charging xiaomi
  3. When you use Fast Charging, text will usually appear, 18W, 33W, 67W and so on according to smartphone specifications.
  4. Update the device if there is a bug through the Settings application to the latest Android/MIUI version.

Not all smartphones that Xiaomi sells support fast charging, you can read the detailed specs of the device you own or will buy.