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Best Donghua Animated Films in December 2022

KingdomTaurusNews.com – The best Donghua animated films in December 2022, which we have summarized as choices to watch.

Donghua is an animation originating from China, providing a variety of 3D or 2D animated stories with Chinese culture issued by popular animation studios that are of interest to Donghua enthusiasts.

As of December 2022, we have summarized some of the best Donghua animations for December this year.

Donghua Soul Land Season 2

Soul Land features a young man named Tang San with epic moments and various characters, which now has become one of the popular Donghua animations from China.

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Donghua Battle Through the Heavens season 5

The new season of the BTTH animation is getting more and more interesting with lots of unexpected surprises to look forward to with Xiao Yan as the genius main character.

Donghua Throne of Seal

Throne of Seal is the new Donghua animation, with the main character Haochen from China.

Donghua Perfect World

Even though Perfect World is not a new animation, this Donghua one is the most popular on the list of the many Donghua titles that have been released with the main character Shi Hao.

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Donghua Magic Chef of Fire and Ice

Donghua, who gives stories of characters with two different elements, becomes the strength of Nian Bing as the son of a fire magician and an ice magician.

Donghua Swallowed Star Season 2

Luo Feng becomes the main character who grows to a power that rivals his enemies, giving the story of a modern city with monsters as the main enemy.

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