How to Make Twitter Wrapped 2022, Summary of Tweets Made – Many Twitter users are now uploading Twitter Wrapped on the timeline, to summarize the tweets made, how do you make Twitter Wrapped?.

Unlike the Spotify application, which was made directly by the Spotify developer so that users can make their Spotify Wrapped.

Twitter Wrapped 2022 which can be created via “”, a developer of microservices that is not part of Twitter. When you create a Twitter Wrapped from, it will encapsulate the tweets automatically.

How to Make Twitter Wrapped

  1. Change the Twitter account to Public mode.
  2. Visit Twitter Wrapped at
  3. Register / Login to your account.
  4. Click the #TwitterWrapped menu on the start page.
    Twitter Wrapped
    Twitter Wrapped
  5. In the Twitter Username column, enter your Twitter username.
  6. Choose your Background Color and Shape.
  7. Click the “Order for Free” button to create a Tweet summary.
    Twitter Wrapped
    Twitter Wrapped
  8. Click Downloads

After Twitter Wrapped has been successfully created, you can share #TwitterWrapped to social media.

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