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Tecnology NewsHow to Add Digital TV Channels Manually

How to Add Digital TV Channels Manually

KingdomTaurusNews.com – You can add Digital TV channels manually so that you can add more channels to watch. You can take advantage of the Set Top Box, to get Digital TV broadcasts in each area.

There are several reasons why there are only a few digital TV channels. For example, the direction of the antenna that is installed is not right or your area is still in the process of migrating from analog to digital.

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How to Add Digital TV Channels

Do the installation correctly, start installing the RCA from the STB to the TV plug and installing the cable from the STB to the external antenna. Turn on the TV and STB, then set the channel type on the TV to AV until the STB logo appears.

  1. Press the Menu button on the STB remote then enter settings.
  2. Select “Channels” and select “DTV Channel Search”.
  3. Select the manual search method for DTV.
  4. Enter the MUX number parameter from the transmitter tower, which can be found on the TV’s social media.
  5. The tv screen will show Digital TV channel signal indicators.
  6. Rotate the external antenna until you get the strongest and best signal.
  7. Press the “Start” button for the channel scan.
  8. Wait until the scan process is complete;
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After following how to add Digital TV channels, scanned digital TV channels will be saved automatically.

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