How to Register to Become a CapCut Creator through the Agency – Become a creator at CapCut and make money, to become a CapCut Agency, and join them as a CapCut creator.

As a video editor application, CapCut has a program to become a creator at CapCut. This application is a mainstay of TikTok creators, because of the ease when using the editing menu.

You can become an official CapCut creator and start editing videos to create CapCut video templates, to earn income through templates used and exported by CapCut users.

You can start becoming a CapCut creator, by following how to make money on CapCut.

How to Register to Become a CapCut Creator

  1. Open the CapCut application
  2. On the Template menu, click the banner “Become a star agency”
  3. Click Register or choose to become a member of the CapCut Agency
  4. Tap the + icon on an Agency
    creator capcut agency
    creator capcut agency
  5. You will be redirected to the Telegram or WhatsApp group
  6. After that, the CapCut Agency admin will explain being part of their agency
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You can follow popular trends, to find CapCut template references that will be made later.

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