How to Add Audio in CapCut Like Music / Songs – Video editing on CapCut can add audio on CapCut such as songs/music from your gallery.

The feature of adding audio in CapCut makes it easier for editors to create videos complete with audio, even with text and effects.

CapCut users can follow how to add audio in CapCut, as follows.

How to Add Audio in CapCut

  1. Open the CapCut application on Android/iPhone.
  2. Click the New project menu then add a video from the gallery.
    audio capcut
    audio capcut
  3. After the video is selected, click the Audio menu with the scale icon at the bottom.
  4. Choose an audio option, such as Sounds, Effects, Extracted, or Record.
    audio capcut
    audio capcut
  5. After selecting one, you can upload the edited video.
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Sounds options, for videos that are already owned, Effects for sound effects, Extracted for audio extracted from videos, and Record, recorded audio.

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