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16 Best Apps and Games at the App Store Awards 2022

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – Apple announced the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, there are 16 applications and games, and this year’s winners represent a diverse community of developers from around the world whose applications and games were selected by the App Store editorial team.

“This year’s App Store Award winner reimagines our experience with apps by bringing a fresh, thoughtful, and genuine perspective,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

App Store Awards 2022

  1. iPhone App of the Year: BeReal, from BeReal.
  2. iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5, from Time Base Technology Limited.
  3. Mac App of the Year: MacFamilyTree 10, from Synium Software GmbH.
  4. Apple TV App of the Year: ViX, from TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc.
  5. Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak, from Gentler Stories LLC.
  6. iPhone Game of the Year: Apex Legends Mobile, from Electronic Arts.
  7. iPad Game of the Year: Moncage, from X.D. Network Inc.
  8. Mac Game of the Year: Inscryption, from Devolver.
  9. Apple TV Game of the Year: El Hijo, from HandyGames.
  10. Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Wylde Flowers, from Studio Drydock Pty Ltd.
  11. China Game of the Year: League of Legends Esports Manager, from Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd.
Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile

In addition to the best apps and games on Apple devices, App Store editors selected five Cultural Impact winners, who have made an impact on people’s lives and culture.

  1. How We Feel from the How We Feel Project, Inc.
  2. Dot’s Home from the Rise-Home Stories Project
  3. Locket Widget from Locket Labs, Inc.
  4. Waterllama from Vitalii Mogylevets
  5. Inua – A Story in Ice and Time from ARTE Experience

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