How to Make Spotify Wrapped 2022, View and Share – Spotify released Spotify Wrapped 2022, this year users can share their lists on Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 contains, Top artists, Top songs, Minutes listened and Top genres which can be shared. Here’s how to create and share Spotify Wrapped 2022.

How to Spotify Wrapped 2022

  • Open Spotify on Android or iPhone with the latest version
  • On the Home menu, tap Flamingo
    Spotify Wrapped 2022
    Spotify Wrapped 2022
  • Your Spotify Wrapped will appear
  • Or Open a browser visit
  • Click “Listen to 2022 highlights here.”
    Spotify Wrapped 2022
    Spotify Wrapped 2022
  • A list of Spotify Wrapped 2022 will appear
  • Click the Share icon on the top right to share
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To view your Spotify Wrapped 2022, you need to be registered with a free or Premium account and have streamed at least 30 songs longer than 30 seconds each, from 5 unique artists.

That’s how to make Sportify Wrapped 2022.

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