How to Reduce PDF File Size Online to 1 MB – How to Reduce PDF File Size – Want to know, how to compress or reduce PDF file size online to 1MB or smaller?.

You can reduce PDF file size on Android, iPhone, and PC online to a small size. Here’s the best way to compress PDF, which you can try.

Small PDF

How to reduce the size of a PDF on the Small PDF site, by clicking ‘choose file’ and then uploading the PDF file or dropping the PDF file. Visit the PDF compress site here


Through the site, you can reduce PDF file size online with the ILovePDF site. Click ‘Select PDF Files’ or drop the PDF file and then select the compression level option, starting with extreme, recommended, and less compression.

PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor, to compress PDF file size. Click ‘Upload Files’ and select the PDF file, then download the compressed file.


Minimize PDF via, click ‘Choose File’ and select the available compression level option. Start with low-quality, good-quality, and high-quality compress and click on ‘Compress PDF Files’.


ORPALIS PDF Reducer via, as an application to reduce PDF file size offline on PC.

To reduce a PDF click ‘Source’ then select the PDF file, and select the location where the file is saved. Click ‘Destination’ then select a file storage location and click ‘Start Batch’.

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