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CarX Street Release Date on iOS iPhone Officially Announced

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – CarX Technologies announced a worldwide release date for the game they are currently developing, CarX Street on iOS for iPhone and Tablet.

Through their tweet @carx_technology “What’s up drivers!. We are happy to announce, that CarX Street worldwide release on iOS platform will happen 11/17/2022!. Welcome!❀”.

This announcement signals that CarX Street will be released worldwide on iOS on 11/17/2022. Then what about Android?

Regarding this, CarX Technologies has also provided an explanation of CarX Street for the Android version.

The reason was shared on their official Twitter account @carx_technology, for technical reasons so had to delay the release of the Android version of CarX Street. So the worldwide release of our project is planned only on the iOS platform.

So players have to be patient to wait for the release of CarX Street for the Android version, released worldwide.

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