What is YouTube Handle, its Functions and How

KingdomTaurusNews.com – YouTube Handle was introduced to users as a new way to connect, and was discovered by YouTube users.

YouTube Handle

YouTube Handle is the nickname for YouTube channels, as a new way for them to find you and connect with you.

YouTube Handle unlike channel names, channel nicknames are unique to each creator. The new YouTube Handle will be part of your channel URL.

You can use channel nicknames to direct people to your channel from outside YouTube. For example, name @user12345, your channel URL will be https://youtube.com/@user12345.

How to Use YouTube Handle

  • You will receive an email from YouTube, if you have been able to get the YouTube Handle feature
  • You can access https://www.youtube.com/handle, and login using your YouTube account to change it
  • Only the YouTube Handle name is still available for use
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The YouTube Handle can appear in several places on YouTube, including, Tab Shorts, Search results, Comments and mentions and more.

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