How to Make WhatsApp Anime Notification Ringtones, Cool – WhatsApp ringtones anime sound – Change the frequent tone on WhatsApp with anime sound, interesting than using the default tone from WhatsApp.

You can choose the voice of anime characters that are popular and can be used, in the WhatsApp application when there is an incoming notification and so on.

How to Make WhatsApp Anime Notification Ringtones

  1. Visit in the browser.
  2. In All Voices select Anime.
  3. In the menu next to it, select the anime voice character.
  4. Type text in the Enter Text field.
  5. Click the Speak button.
  6. Wait for the process and click permalink & download.
  7. Click Download File to download anime sound.
  8. Save anime sound in .wav format format.
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After you have an anime sound audio file, you can change it by following the method below.

How to Change WhatsApp Ringtone with Anime Sound

  • Move the sound files to a folder in the internal storage with the name “Notifications”.
  • Move the sound into the Notifications folder.
  • Go to WhatApp Settings – Notifications – Notification Tones.
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  • Select previous anime sound to replace WhatsApp notification sound.
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That’s how to change the anime sound WhatsApp ringtone.

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