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Tecnology NewsHow to Increase Game Shooting Accuracy AIM in COD Mobile

How to Increase Game Shooting Accuracy AIM in COD Mobile

KingdomTaurusNews.com – You can improve your AIM while shooting in-game, with an accurate shot on target in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile game has several weapons whose use requires repeated practice so that the shot’s accuracy can be right on target.

Here’s how to improve shot accuracy in COD Mobile.

senjata fennec call of duty mobile
senjata fennec call of duty mobile

Use a mobile device

COD Mobile released by Activision is aimed at mobile players, the use of a cellphone screen that fits in the grip can increase the accuracy of your shots.

Use of Weapons

In the COD Mobile game, you can choose a suitable weapon and set up weapons for good shooting accuracy.


Call of Duty Mobile has a practice mode that you can do, to train your AIM, how good it is when using the weapons available in COD Mobile.

How to play

You have to be calm and steady when you attack the enemy. When you are in a hurry, even if you shoot, this certainly makes the shot’s accuracy not right on target.

Scope Usage

You can use the Scope with the enemy not too far away, and not use the Scope when the enemy is too close to you.

That’s how to improve shooting accuracy in the Call of Duty Mobile game.

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