New, How to Change the Channel Name “Youtube Handle” Using @ – YouTube creator users can use the Youtube Handle feature or the name of the YouTube channel.

Youtube Handle or YouTube channel nickname is a new way to find your channel and connect with users on YouTube.

According to YouTube, this feature unlike channel names, Handle is unique for each creator, making it easier to build a YouTube channel presence.

So, for example, your YouTube channel name is “KingdomTaurusVideos” then the channel URL could be

How to Change the Channel Name “Youtube Handle” Using @

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Choose channel name” menu.
  3. In the “Channel designation name” field, type your YouTube channel handle.
  4. If a red exclamation mark appears, it means the handle has been used.
  5. If a green check mark appears, the handle can be used.
  6. Click “Confirm selection”.

The YouTube Handle feature can be used for, channel names will appear in Shorts, can be searched using your @Channel, you can tag your videos for example, Collaborate with @KingdomTaurusVideos and others.

When you already have a personalized YouTube URL, it automatically becomes your channel nickname, but you can change your channel name or choose a name after getting a notification, whether or not you have a personalized URL.

The channel designation name may not be available, because another channel has been selected or does not meet the channel designation selection guidelines. YouTube will gradually roll out channel nicknames to all users.


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