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How to Edit TikTok “Photo Mode” Carousel / Panorama

KingdomTaurusNews.com – TikTok’s new Photo Mode feature allows you to turn into swipeable photos or panoramas in the form of a carousel.

The Photo Mode feature can share more than three photos/images to TikTok with customizable music. This method is similar to Instagram carousel or Instagram photos that are connected with the help of the Instagram panorama application.

Here’s How to Edit TikTok Photo Mode Carousel:

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How to Edit TikTok Photo Mode Carousel

  1. Prepare the photo to be edited.
  2. The size of the photo (width x height) is 379 x 720px.
  3. You can arrange it into three finished sections, 1137x720px and so on.
  4. You can use any photo editor for example Figma.
  5. Here we have prepared the photo in 1137x720px and can be directly cropped in Figma.

You can follow the method below.

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TikTok Photo Mode
TikTok Photo Mode

In Figama menu – Select Frame set size 1137x720px – Drag photo to your Figma.

TikTok Photo Mode
TikTok Photo Mode

Click Slice – Set the size to 379 x 720px – Then click Shift – ALT – Drag to the side.

TikTok Photo Mode
TikTok Photo Mode

Click Shift in the three Slices on the left – Select Import at the bottom right.
Click Export 3 Layers.

You can see the results here https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSRgQLw9L/

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