How to Fix Telegram Red Exclamation Mark! – How to Fix Telegram Exclamation Mark ! Red, Can’t Send Messages – This problem is often experienced by users when sending messages to other users on Telegram.

According to the Telegram FAQ, when you can’t send messages. When a user reports an unwanted message from a Telegram account, we apply a limit (Limit). Reported accounts can only send messages to people whose numbers are saved as contacts.

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Meaning that if you randomly contact people you don’t know and send them annoying messages, you may lose the ability to do so in the future.

The red exclamation mark in Telegram can be overcome, by waiting a few hours or days to retry sending messages while the chat partner is online.

Telegram chat
Telegram chat

Telegram users who are online are tagged with the caption online, in chat rooms, and a small blue circle in the profile photo.

In addition, if you are blocked by a Telegram user, you can no longer send messages to the intended user.

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